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ESG investing

We all know our investments affect the world around us. And we are becoming more interested than ever in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards of the companies we invest in.

Fund managers in the sustainable, ethical and socially responsible investing (SRI) space put these concerns at the heart of their investment processes. They look to generate returns and benefit society at the same time.

Find out more here on the merits of ESG investing and browse the funds looking to make a positive impact on society and the environment as well as your portfolio. 

The value of investments can go down as well as up so you may get back less than you invest. This is not a personal recommendation to buy funds. Equally, if a fund you own is not on the list, we’re not recommending you sell it. You must ensure that any fund you choose to invest in is suitable for your own personal circumstances.

What is ESG investing?

Our investment director Tom Stevenson sheds some light on what ESG investing is all about and the different ways investors can tap into the theme.​​​

Transcript - what is ESG investing?

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Top 10 transacted ESG funds

Here are the top 10 most bought and sold ESG funds by our customers on the Fidelity website in the month of September 2019.

The value of investments can go down as well as up so you may get back less than you invest. This information is not a personal recommendation in respect of a particular investment. If you need additional help, please speak to a financial adviser. You should regularly reassess the suitability of your investments to ensure they continue to meet your attitude to risk and investment goals.

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Position Investment name

Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders

69% Bought 31% Sold

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Royal London Sustainable World Trust

92% Bought 8% Sold

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Stewart Investors Indian Subcontinent Sustainable

67% Bought 33% Sold

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Rathbone Ethical Bond

88% Bought 12% Sold

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Fidelity Sustainable Water & Waste

75% Bought 25% Sold

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VT Gravis Clean Energy

92% Bought 8% Sold

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BGF Sustainable Energy

81% Bought 19% Sold

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Royal London Sustainable Leaders Trust

92% Bought 8% Sold

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Pictet Water

79% Bought 21% Sold

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Royal London Sustainable Managed Growth Trust

89% Bought 11% Sold

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Please note that the Investment Manager’s focus on securities of companies which maintain strong environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) credentials may result in a return that at times compares unfavourably to similar products without such focus.  No representation nor warranty is made with respect to the fairness, accuracy or completeness of such credentials.  The status of a security’s ESG credentials can change over time.